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About Us

About Nam Wah Pai

About Nam Wah Pai

The Nam Wah Pai Story

Established and headquartered in Singapore, Nam Wah Pai began as a martial arts school specialising in training students to harness the power of qigong. When applied correctly, qigong strengthens and enhances your body’s conditioning allowing the body to withstand more incredible blows and exert a potent force.

But qigong isn’t strictly reserved for martial arts purposes. It also serves to strengthen the body’s internal organs and promote the body’s natural healing mechanism.

As Singapore’s population began to get older, the founders of Nam Wah Pai readjusted the core mission of the company to serve the demands of the country better.

The techniques and knowledge taught in Nam Wah Pai are the result of the convergence of the essence of Shaolin, Taiji and other traditional Chinese martial arts, culminating in the formation of this independent and unique system of martial arts, thus the name Nam Wah Pai.

Today, our school’s classes centre around the art of Qigong and Tai Chi for natural healing purposes and Chinese internal martial arts to build strength and power for self-defence.

Here are some of our
Key Milestones over the years


World Nam Wah Pai Association was established in Singapore


The first Nam Wah Pai international branch was formed in New Zealand


Sim Poh Huat attained the title of Grandmaster


Sent 26 individuals to participate and receive a Guinness World Record


Represented Singapore and participated in the inaugural International Shaolin Martial Arts festival at the Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou, China


Retained the light, middleweight and heavyweight championship title, won the Sydney Championship for Best Overall Team in Multi-Style as well as the following categories: kata, qigong, weapon category.


Moved to our current training premises at 9 Lorong 29 Geylang, Singapore


Was awarded the 2010 Successful Entrepreneur Award (Platinum Category)


Received the Asia Pacific Brands award


Nam Wah Pai China was established with main branches in Beijing, Luoyang and Shandong


Opened an international branch in Malaysia


Opened an international branch in Hong Kong


Opened an international branch in Japan

The Nam Wah Pai Difference

The art of Qigong mastery and control has over 4,000 years of traditions. Before modern medicine was readily available, Chinese martial arts practitioners have relied on qigong to boost and strengthen the body’s natural healing abilities.

Sadly, this ancient technique is disappearing in our society today as we shift towards desk-bound jobs and a sedentary lifestyle.

At Nam Wah Pai, we’ve continued to hone, train and pass down this ancient knowledge from each Grandmaster to the next.

And many of our students have begun to see a stark difference in their body’s conditioning and natural rejuvenating abilities.