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Dr Jarrod Haar

New Zealand Chief Instructor

Dr Haar first joined Nam Wah Pai in 1985 and from his personal experience with qigong and the teachings at Nam Wah Pai, he became the first international chief instructor, bringing the teachings to Auckland, New Zealand.

In 2000, he was promoted to NZ Chief Instructor where he oversees the operations of Nam Wah Pai, New Zealand. This role includes ensuring the adherence to, and ongoing development of the formal syllabus. He is also responsible for ensuring that a high level of standards is maintained, and the grading and issuing for all levels of black belts.

He is also the chief person for conducting regional seminars as well as overseeing the National Tournament operations around New Zealand.

Besides his martial arts commitments, Jarrod holds a PhD. He is a Professor of Human Resource Management at Auckland University of Technology, proving he is not just brawn but brains as well.

*Nam Wah Pai New Zealand also has active branches in Lower Hutt, Mangapiko, Matakana, Invercargill, Whangarei and Dunedin.