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Jason Haynes

Senior Instructor (Whakatane Branch)

As an avid fan of the martial arts, he first learnt of Nam Wah Pai from a local newspaper and after seeing the skill of the instructors, chose to join. To him, martial arts is not just a sport but a way of life. It is a lifelong journey of discovery as it builds confidence and good moral standing. Not to mention the many health benefits that come with it.

His personal experience is that too many people live an unhealthy lifestyle that costs the public health system, millions of dollars every year. By simply living a little healthier and keeping fit, everyone can do their part to support the community at large.

It is this experience that transforms his original goal of just attaining the black belt into a personal mission of influencing and educating young people. This is possible by providing them with a club that allows them to study a life skill that brings about positive influences and set a good foundation for life.

As a person who has won more than 30 competition trophies and is still fit and healthy for a 45-year-old, thanks to Nam Wah Pai, he is passionate about growing the school and watching with pride as his students hone and continue to improve themselves.

*Nam Wah Pai New Zealand also has active branches in Lower Hutt, Mangapiko, Matakana, Invercargill, Whangarei and Dunedin.