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Joseph Fan

Hong Kong Chief Instructor

Before joining, Joseph was simply interested in learning tai chi. He only came to know about Nam Wah Pai through a Singaporean friend.

After attending his first lesson at the Luoyang Qigong/Tai Chi training camp organised by Grandmaster Sim, he became intrigued and decided to pursue his training.

He recalled often feeling tired, without energy, and experiencing cold hands and feet often. This greatly affected his work, and no matter how he tried, the doctors (western and TCM) couldn’t cure him.

Yet, after about 3 months of qigong training, his symptoms started to disappear. This discovery led him to continue his training, going deeper into tai chi and the internal martial arts.

As he continued to see improvements in his health, he feels strongly about promoting Nam Wah Pai’s Qigong in Hong Kong. So, more people could benefit just as he has.