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Tang Jin Song

Chief Instructor (Shandong Branch)

His parents were tai chi practitioners when he was a child and was heavily influenced by them. Tai chi has helped him improve his body’s flexibility while qigong helped to enhance his body’s internal immune system. To him, it is a great joy to teach and share these principles and techniques to people from all walks of life and impart the many amazing health cultivating exercises.

His original goal of joining was to enhance his immune system. But after achieving that goal and mastering the more advanced forms such as the Yang style tai chi 108 form and XingYi Quan, he feels more energised and stronger than before.

He now hopes to spread the Nam Wah Pai brand and its teachings to more areas in China.

*Nam Wah Pai China also has active branches in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Rizhao, Shanghai Kunshan and Chongqing.