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Testimonials From Our Students

Read what some of our students have to say about our classes and how it has helped them gain a new lease of life.

  • Ho Chee Seng

    Ever since the doctor told me I’ve had hypertension with additional symptoms of high blood cholesterol and high blood sugar, my strength and composure weaken day by day. Having these symptoms during this stage is no easy task as it takes a toll on my body. At first, you think these symptoms are nothing but slowly you’ll begin to experience sore pains coupled with numbness across my body and spells of dizziness and shortness of breath. At that moment, I’ve come to realise that if I don’t take precautions, as pointed out by my doctor, my symptoms appeared to be more cumbersome.

    -Ho Chee Seng, 65 years old
  • Gina

    Previously, I have attended Ayurvedic massages due to my chronic knee problems. The pain was a nuisance as it disrupted my daily activities and doing simple things like climbing up the stairs.

    -Gina, 64 years old
  • Khoo Han Kiong

    I was suffering from Nocturia, where I had to wake up at least 4 to 5 times a night to urine. My sleep is constantly affected, and I never get more than 2 hours of sleep.

    At first, I went to the traditional Chinese physicians as I know the Western doctors will ask me to undergo tests. So, I was prescribed herbs which improved my sleep, and I would wake up at most once a night. For the first time in a long while, I had a slightly better sleep.

    -Khoo Han Kiong, 56 years old
  • Richard Cher

    As you can see, I lived my life for 73 years now. At one point in my life, my visitation to the doctor began to increase as I encountered sickness like fever and fatigue regularly. Clearly, growing older has its drawbacks like an increase of high blood pressure and cholesterol in my system.

    Although these manifestations did not show obvious symptoms, it impacted my health internally. That means, experiencing pressure pain in my lower legs, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Nonetheless, I was determined to overcome these internal problems.

    -Richard Cher, 73 years old
  • K.N. Ho

    I suffered from first stage of liver cancer and had gone through operation to remove part of my liver. I also undergone radiation for a total of six times. In 1997, I joined Nam Wah Pai, and started practicing the foundation course in Qigong, and after six to nine months, I went for a medical examination which revealed that the cancer growth has been fully controlled. I have gained a new lease of life now.

    -K.N. Ho, 45 years old
  • C.S. Tan

    I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in 2006. I underwent treatment with injections costing $3,000 each. After two months training with Nam Wah Pai, I could forego the last four injections, saving $12,000. By that time, medical examination confirmed the cancer was in remission. I am now fully recovered.

    -C.S. Tan, 62 years old
  • James Wong

    My life changed after I suffered from a stroke. Forget the medical fees or the 3 months of hospitalization. The worst part of being a stroke patient is losing the ability to do simple everyday things. I couldn’t even walk properly without the help of a walking stick.

    -James Wong, 50 years old
  • Evelyn

    I have been training with Nam Wah Pai for 4 years and enjoy the classes. I started because I was anemic and tired all the time. After 8 months of training the anemia cleared up, and now I train just because I love it. The improved muscle strength, flexibility and balance is a bonus.

  • Alan

    For quite a while, I had problems with adhesive capsulitis (also known as frozen shoulders) where I felt stiffness, tension, and displacement around my shoulders. The pain is rather intolerable, especially night time when I toss and turn, causing limited motion during my sleep and sometimes during the day.

    On the other hand, I also have high blood sugar which ideally poses a threat to my health. As I researched online about these symptoms, the answer led me to frozen shoulder exercises, which are usually the cornerstone of treating frozen shoulder concerns. However, I also needed to find a way to improve my blood circulation.

    -Alan, 69 years old
  • Patrick Lam

    Throughout my fifties and sixties, I always had borderline high blood pressure and cholesterol. I never paid much attention as it had not caused me any serious health problems so far and I was taking medication regularly.

    When I suffered a mild stroke, I realized I had been taking my health for granted and I was lucky that the stroke was not anything more serious. My wife’s friend who had heard about what happened to me suggested trying the Qigong and Tai Chi courses at Nam Wah Pai as it was known to help with chronic health problems.

    -Patrick Lam, 73 years old