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Traditional Taichi Singapore For Total Wellness

Taichi Singapore For Health & Total Wellness

“If qigong is the invisible bullets, then tai chi is the pistol.”

“Practising Tai Chi without Qigong foundation is akin to having a gun without its bullet loaded.”

At Nam Wah Pai, we practice and teach the Traditional Yang-Style Tai Chi 108 Movement Slow Form.

The Essence Of Traditional Tai Chi Lessons For Total Health & Wellness

Tai Chi, or Taiji Quan, is one of the best exercises in the world for all ages to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This ancient art dates back to ancient China over 2000 years ago and later spread to different parts of the world. However, many tai chi practitioners today practice the simplified forms of tai chi that focuses on beautiful moves, difficult (and at times dangerous) stunts to meet the scoring standards of competition purposes.

This is the major reason why many people get injured when they practice this kind of competitive tai chi. It’s because their body is not ready for such strenuous and explosive movements and yet they still push on until serious damage occurs to their bodies. These injuries range from muscle and ligament tear, slipped disc, dislocations and tendon injuries.

The Traditional Tai Chi is an internal martial art that promotes health through slow, smooth, relaxed yet continuous movement. People who are not physically active are prone to injuries if they suddenly start practicing tai chi without proper training. That’s why it is advisable for beginners to practice tai chi with the proper training and guidance from an experienced Tai Chi instructor.

As a Tai Chi beginner, one should only concentrate on learning the proper moves and posture, and to feel the inner energy flow circulating the body from these movements. By doing proper stretches and warming up before the class you are able to prevent muscle pull and sprain.

Tai chi is a very pleasurable activity for people of all ages who cannot do strenuous exercises due to health conditions. It’s also suitable for people with chronic injuries, limited mobility and pregnant women who are supposed to avoid strenuous exercises.

Traditional Taichi Singapore For Total Wellness

Here are some benefits of practising Tai Chi with Nam Wah Pai Qigong foundations:

  • Amplify your body’s vital energy to develop a stronger internal organ system to prevent chronic pain and illnesses
  • Meditative and calming effect that helps with relaxation, reduces stress and aids in emotional and spiritual mindfulness
  • Helps to improve balance, flexibility and agility, and improves bone health to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis
  • Helps to better manage medical conditions when disharmony in the body starts becoming apparent
  • Maintain harmony between your mind, body, and spirit for to achieve Yin/Yang balance for total wellness

The Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi 108 Slow Form

When practicing any form of tai chi or internal martial arts, it is crucial to incorporate neigong or qigong (internal energy cultivation) for maximum health and wellness benefits. Practicing Tai chi without qigong foundation is akin to having a gun without its bullet loaded. At Nam Wah Pai, Our Tai Chi course focuses on a great emphasis on the application of internal energy with Qigong principles. This is drastically different from the modern or external form most instructors teach, which are lacking in the health boosting elements.

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi 108 Slow form retains its core essence that was handed down by its founder- Yang Lu Chan. Practicing the traditional form ensures that you are adhering to the principles, methods, teachings handed down by the ancient masters.

Unlike other more extravagant techniques being taught in the industry, the traditional Yang style Tai Chi 108 form we practice uses a smaller stance. This helps our students achieve better balance, coordination and alignment, and lesser risk of joint related injuries from practicing the wider tai chi stances taught elsewhere.

The traditional yang style consists of three chapters, totalling up to 108 steps. Each and every form in the 108 movement has a powerful effect to hone your tai chi internal energy and power. At the same time, the gentle flowing and deliberate movements serve as a meditative technique to calm your mind and body.

Our bodies are filled with imbalances. Imbalances we cannot control through ordinary means, but with proper tai chi form and technique, we strive to correct this imbalance and bring harmony, enhance better circulation and energy flow within our body, and achieve the perfect Yin/Yang balance for total wellness.

The Nam Wah Pai combination of Tai Chi and Qigong has achieved amazing health results for our students and it is often described as “Meditation in Motion”.

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Note: It is crucial to incorporate Qigong (cultivation of internal energy) to reap the maximum health and wellness benefits of traditional Tai Chi. Thus it is highly recommended to complete Nam Wah Pai’s Signature Qigong course before enrolling into the Traditional Tai Chi course.

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  • Avatar Audrey Tong ★★★★★ a week ago
    Classes are taught in an open and spacious environment, which is conducive for learning and also by remarkably passionate instructors who are very willing to share their knowledge! I particularly appreciate the prompt responses given during … More times I had to make different arrangements for my classes or when I have any queries 👍🏻
  • Avatar Richard Heng ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    The masters are very professional and systematic in their teaching. Any doubts on the lessons are clarified. Nam Wah Pai is truly full of 武林高手
  • Avatar Johnny Yeo ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Practicing Qigong with very experienced Masters at Nam Wah Pai has helped provided me lots of pain relief from my shoulder ache and backache that has been ever-present for more than 20 years. Practicing Taichi now has helped bring much … More calm to my mind. I highly recommend Nam Wah Pai to all that has been suffering from some kind of joint pains, try out the Qigong beginner course to experience it yourself.
  • Avatar cedric bong ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    In a stressful living enviroment today, nam wah pai qigong is necessary for us to deal with it, whether you are on the road, in the office, or at home. Training with Grandmaster Sim is 100 percent inspiration and perspiration....guaranteed! … More
  • Avatar colman wong ★★★★★ a year ago
    Give your health a chance. Come and experience the health benefits.
  • Avatar Evelyn Ghazali ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I have been training with Nam Wah Pai for 4 years and enjoy the classes. I used to be anemic. After 8 months of training with NWP the anemia cleared up, and now i train just coz I love it. The improved muscle strength, flexibility and balance … More is a bonus 🙂