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Cheng Yong Shun

Chief Instructor (Luoyang Branch)

Originally from Henan, Yong Shun was a martial arts fanatic since young and even practised Shaolin Kungfu in his teens. He used to have a weak respiratory system and was susceptible to the cold and seasonal flu. His coughing would get especially bad during the autumn and winter seasons.

When he came to Singapore for work purposes in 2010, he joined Nam Wah Pai and realised the tai chi and martial arts taught here were different from other schools. There was a greater emphasis on qigong and internal energy.

After about three months of training, he found his respiratory condition greatly improved. Within a short time, Yong Shun joined as a trainer and became an assistant instructor for the Singapore HQ branch.

Finally, in 2015, he decided to bring the techniques back to China, to Luoyang where he hopes to combine qigong, tai chi, martial arts and other forms of TCM methods to treat and help prevent health-related conditions for the people in China.

*Nam Wah Pai China also has active branches in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Rizhao, Shanghai Kunshan and Chongqing.