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Complete Joint Care Capsule

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Product description-

The maintenance of healthy bones and joints is commonly addressed by the intake of highly concentrated calcium supplements. However due to low levels of bioavailability the result is compromise. “BIOAVAILABILITY” In this case, it is the RIGHT PROPORTION of active Calcium, “soft gold” of type ll Collagen, Glucosamine, Traditional Herb Frankincense and Myrrh to ensure best absorption by the body and best usage by the joints. With this right proportion, healing results can be greatly optimised.


Product function-

Reduce joint Discomfort – active calcium – increase bone density – type ll Collagen – lubricate joints – glucosamine – enhance joint flexibility-Frankincense/Myrrh- circulate blood flow – relieve painful joint – lighten limb numbness

减缓关节不適-活性钙-增加骨骼密度- II型骨胶原-润滑关节-葡萄糖酸胺-增強关节灵活柔韧度-乳香/沒药-活血化瘀-减轻疼痛-改善手脚麻木

Product usage-

A bottle is 60 pcs (15day dosage)
AM 2 pcs, PM 2 pcs

A bottle of our (Complete-joint care) has a 15-days dosage, so you actually need 2 bottles to sustain your consumption for one month.


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