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Chee Zheng Loong

Senior Instructor

I’ve always loved watching old Chinese wuxia films which led me to develop an interest in martial arts. When I was much younger, I started to look for schools to learn. Eventually, I was recommended to train at Nam Wah Pai by my father, who had trained there in his youth.

When I first started training, I never had any intention to join the industry. It was Master Sim approached me to assist him in teaching the new students that I finally considered entering this industry as a trainer.

Being in this industry has allowed me to interact with many different people from all walks of life. From the elderly who learned Tai Chi for health purposes to younger students, who like me, want martial art skills for self-defence and fitness purposes.

It is always very fulfilling and rewarding to see these students achieving their goals, such as having a healthier body or becoming fitter and stronger, both physically and mentally.

I enjoy learning these traditional Chinese martial art techniques and want to continue to preserve these teachings for many future generations to come.