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Victor Huang

Senior Instructor

Truthfully, I had never intended to join this industry. I used to be a hawker, and because of what I did for a living, I suffered from a severe case of tennis elbow. The pain was intense. I couldn’t lift my left arm above my shoulder, much less carry anything.

Yet despite spending much money on doctors and medication, nothing worked. I had resigned myself to living the rest of my life with this pain.

Like most others, at first, I was sceptical about the effects of Qigong, even after attending the demonstration. But I thought to myself; since I had already spent so much money on doctors, what more did I have to lose?

Here’s the thing about living with pain for such a long time, after a while, you become numb to the pain. After undergoing a few of the training, I hadn’t even realised I had recovered. It was only because a friend pointed out one day that I was lifting my left arm that I noticed how my life had changed.

From that incident, I became a true believer, and it’s the reason why I decided to become a trainer so I can help others here on their journey of recovery.