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Toh Kian Lee

Deputy Chief Instructor

From a young age, I’ve always been a fan of martial arts. And the truth is, I decided to learn tai chi to hone my martial arts skill as well as to build up my body’s conditioning. Back then, I was still an engineer for a semiconductor company and did coaching on a part-time basis.

But as I interacted with new students, I began noticing a common trend many of them were suffering from one health issue or another. And the same patterns were appearing in my company throughout the eight years I was there. Many of my older ex-colleagues started complaining of pains and other health problems.

I told myself, I can’t allow myself to end up like them when I get older.

That decision pushed me to make the switch and become a full time instructor.

And I’ve never regretted it as I’m now in a position to help others work towards their recovery. Seeing my student’s health improving is always an affirmation that I made the right decision.

That’s also why I’m now teaching martial arts in NUS to pass down qigong conditioning techniques to the new generation and inspire our young people.